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VANI-T - Fusion Express Spray Tan Solution - 100ml

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Washed-out to kissed by the Mediterranean sun in minutes

Finding your perfect tan can be a bit like finding your perfect match online - not easy. The search is over ladies. Whether you’re beaching, sunning or sipping, Fusion Express Spray Solution is the colour you’ve been looking for.

Skin fusion technology combines wheat amino acids which act as a magnet for never before seen, long lasting colour, and guaranteed perfect fade. Fusion is a potent combination of natural and botanical ingredients that delivers the perfect tan while it builds, nourishes and hydrates at the same time. It’s skin pampering and a perfect tan, all without the need to chase the sun.

This tanning solution slips over the skin like a silk glove, transforming it into absolutely stunning colour without any fragrance or smell. If that’s not enough, you’ll get banging results in just one hour. In other words, your fake tanning sesh just became an excuse to watch an old ep of Gossip Girl.

DHA%: 10% (the active tanning ingredient)

Development time: 1 hr (light), 2-4 hrs (medium), 4-6 hrs (dark), 8 hrs (ultra dark)

Base Colour: Red base for a sun-kissed, Mediterranean tan

How Long: Lasts up to 10 days (with just a bit of TLC)