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Pure Fiji - Moringa Exotic Bath and Body Oil - 90ml or 236ml

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Size: 90ml
If you've ever dreamed of drenching your body in coconut oil our bath and body oil will be your new best friend. An award-winning spa product this multi-tasking all-natural organic oil gives you deeply hydrated, glow-y, and subtly luminous skin. Use as a massage oil, daily moisturising treatment, hot oil hair treatment, makeup remover, and more! Infused with tropical scents that work wonders to alleviate stress. Suitable for all skin types especially drier skin.
 100 percent natural luxurious skincare for your whole body. Moringa: Acclaimed as the tree of miracles, this nutrient-dense oil contains powerful antioxidants and fatty acids that are exceptionally moisturising and ensure vital nutrients penetrate deep into the skin. The natural vitamin C in moringa oil boosts collagen, helping to reduce fine lines. Moringa is also rich in plant hormones which promote cellular growth and delay the aging process by supporting and nourishing cell tissue. A natural anti-pollutant, miraculous Moringa oil flushes out toxins and repairs and soothes stressed and damaged skin. 

Also available in White Gingerlily, Coconut, Coconut Milk and Honey, Guava, Noni, Coconut Lime Blossom and Mango Infusions.