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System Professional - Silver Shampoo - 250ml

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Experience the transformative effect of neutralisation as this shampoo takes on the challenge of counteracting unwanted yellow, orange, and brassy pigments, all while bestowing your hair with an even and cool tonality. Discover a world where colour correction meets enhanced vibrancy.

Hair Care Benefits: Unleash a range of benefits that redefine the potential of hair toning. This shampoo embraces the power of blue and purple pigments, effectively addressing the warmth and dullness that can plague both light and lightened hair. The result is a vibrant tonality that doesn't just last, but also enhances the luminosity of your hair. Enjoy the additional touch of smoothness and softness that contributes to an overall luxurious experience.

Formulation Highlights: This formulation stands as a testament to its inclusivity, catering to a range of hair conditions. Whether you have grey or blonde hair that's highlighted, colour-treated, bleached, or naturally light, this treatment is your partner in achieving the ideal tone. Its ability to adapt and enhance ensures that regardless of the hair's starting point, it can guide it towards the desired cool and even-toned destination.

Step into a world where colour harmony is within reach. Embrace the transformation as your hair sheds unwanted pigments, revealing a luminous coolness that captivates. This treatment goes beyond superficial correction, instilling a renewed sense of confidence in your hair's appearance. Experience the power of colour balance and enjoy hair that's not only visually appealing but also irresistibly smooth to the touch.