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System Professional - Smoothen Shampoo - 250ml

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Indulge in the gentle embrace of our luxurious cleansing solution, a transformative experience that brings not only cleanliness but also control to your hair, leaving it with a touch that's smooth, soft, and irresistibly supple. Experience the harmony of cleansing and care like never before.

Hair Care Benefits: Unveil a realm of benefits that redefine the concept of hair cleansing. This treatment goes beyond the surface, offering an instant transformation to even the most unruly hair. Feel the immediate transition as your hair turns into a canvas of silky softness, a testament to the power of effective care.

Formulation Highlights: This formulation stands as a saviour for those with coarse, unruly hair that defies control, feels dry, or is difficult to manage. It's tailored to address the unique needs of various hair types. For those with curls seeking control and elasticity, this solution offers a helping hand. Similarly, if your hair tends to frizz and react to humid conditions, this formulation steps in as a shield, ensuring your hair remains under control, no matter the environment.

Step into a world where cleansing is not just a routine but a transformative experience. Witness the magic as your hair undergoes a subtle yet significant change, emerging smoother, softer, and suppler than ever before. Embrace the control that's synonymous with confidence, knowing that your hair is not just clean but also beautifully cared for.