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System Professional - Colour Save Conditioner - 200ml

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Experience the harmonious blend of daily smoothness and protection specially designed for coloured hair. This conditioning treatment is more than just a care routine; it's a commitment to preserving the vibrancy and allure of your coloured locks.

Hair Care Benefits: Unveil a world of benefits that redefine your daily hair care regimen. This treatment's dual action begins with conditioning the hair fiber, resulting in heightened manageability that enhances your styling experience. Beyond that, it takes on the role of a guardian, actively shielding the brilliance of your hair colour. Witness the prevention of colour shifting, ensuring that your chosen shade remains true and captivating. Enjoy the added advantage of easier combing as your hair becomes not only protected but also incredibly smooth.

Formulation Highlights: Our formulation stands as a testament to its dedication to color preservation. With a focus on being colour-safe, it's a solution that caters to all types of colored hair, adapting to the diverse spectrum of shades. The inclusion of a UV filter offers an additional layer of protection, safeguarding your hair against environmental stressors and fading.

Step into a world where daily care becomes a statement of commitment to your coloured hair. Experience the transformation as your hair defies colour fading, maintaining its brilliance with each use. Embrace the harmony of smoothness and protection, knowing that your hair is not just beautiful but also fortified against external challenges. This treatment encapsulates the essence of hair care that's designed to complement your colour choices and celebrate your hair's unique radiance.