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System Professional - Colour Save Mask - 200ml

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Embark on a journey of intensive nourishment that not only safeguards but also preserves the long-lasting vibrancy of your colour-treated hair. This treatment offers a harmonious blend of care and protection, ensuring that your hair's radiance remains as fresh as the day you left the salon.

Hair Care Benefits:
Unlock a realm of hair care advantages that redefine your approach to color-treated hair maintenance. This treatment stands as a guardian of your color, managing to maintain its brilliance, manageability, and shine over time. Beyond color preservation, it nourishes and moisturizes your hair, infusing it with the health and vitality it craves. Witness the enhanced protection as it guards the keratin structure against the damaging impact of free radicals present in water. Embrace the prevention of colour shifting, ensuring that your hair hue remains steadfast.

Formulation Highlights:
This formulation stands as a testament to its dedication to colour preservation. With a focus on being colour-safe, it caters to the unique needs of coloured hair, ensuring that your hair care routine becomes a celebration of your chosen shade. The inclusion of a UV filter brings an added layer of defence, offering protection against the fading effects of environmental stressors.

Step into a realm where intensive care becomes a symbol of commitment to your colour-treated hair. Experience the transformation as your hair colour defies fading, maintaining its radiance and allure with each use. Embrace the fusion of nourishment and protection, knowing that your hair is not just beautiful but also fortified against the challenges it encounters. This treatment encapsulates the essence of hair care that's tailored to complement your color choices and uphold the luster of your hair's unique elegance.